Novel News

5/6/21 - The last chapters of ASSIGNMENT: NORMANDY, #6 in the series, are being written. Beta reader comments and editing also lie ahead. However, the July 22 release date remains as planned. 

    Other news being announced today is that #6 will be the final book of the series. The story in #6 has progressed past the September 11, 1944 entry into Germany by the Allied forces with the city of Aachen in their sites. D-Day was the last major naval action in the European theatre, forcing a changing role for Navy communications intelligence in the European campaign. This will make Tony's work more intellectual than exciting.

    It is time for a new story to be born with new personalities and adventures. I hope you will join me in both celebration and regret for the end of this series. I sincerely hope that you will eagerly anticipate what's to come. Several ideas are being considered and researched; a decision will be made by late summer.

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